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LPC-3 | Coin Wrapping Machine

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The LAUREL LPC-3 embodies over 70 years of coin processing expertise, delivering innovation and reliability.

Quality Assurance: Introducing the LPC-3 with unmatched reliability, durability, and accuracy, ensuring it meets the highest standards. Each unit undergoes rigorous quality inspections to maintain its excellence.

Increased Productivity: Experience a more than 20% increase in processing speed compared to the LPC-2R, enhancing productivity for your operations.

Highly Durable Components: Crafted with carefully selected, durable components, the LPC-3 is built to withstand heavy usage.

Effortless Operation: Operating the LPC-3 is remarkably simple. With easy setup of roll paper, denomination selection, and the press of a button, you're ready to go.

Flexible Batch Settings: Customize batch numbers effortlessly using the Flexible Batch Setting System, providing quick and flexible selection options.

Easy Maintenance: Designed for accessibility, the LPC-3 allows easy access to internal components for maintenance. Simply open the front and upper covers to check and clean inside.

Material Detection: Featuring Material Detection functionality, the LPC-3 halts counting upon detecting coins of different materials, ensuring accuracy.

Environmental Consciousness: The LPC-3 significantly reduces power consumption by nearly 40%, contributing to cost savings and environmental sustainability.

LAUREL Interface Link (Option): Enhance your coin processing system with optional connection kits such as the LAUREL Interface Link, seamlessly integrating with the LPC-3.

After-Sales Service: Count on professional support and after-sales service from our worldwide network of authorized LAUREL distributors.

Options: Explore additional options like the Laurel Interface Link for enhanced functionality.



  • 1035 x 400 x 550 mm 


  • Approx. 110 kg 

Wrapping Speed

  • Up to 25 rolls/minute

Hopper Capacity

  • Approx. 9000 coins 


  • LAUREL Interface Link