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Improve efficiency and business profitability by using the best software, hardware and service solutions on the market for complete document management & money handling. Find out more on what we do.


You want to …

  • Produce electronically cheques from a blank, colored or perforated cheque paper? Learn more about Interlaser.
  • Print forms like cheques, invoices, certificates… with or without MICR encoding? Learn more about LaserPress.
  • Make storing, classification and the retrieval/distribution of documents quickly and efficiently? Learn more about File Director.
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Let our experts help you to …

  • Develop systems and methods of classifying and storing. Learn more about Archival Services.
  • Shred your confidential documents (5 grades). Contact us.
  • Dematerialize by transforming all material information into media files and allows the implementation of the paperless office of companies. Contact us.
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