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Secure Signature Signer

Designed to replace conventional cheque signers.

And it’s secure!

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The SSS software solution has been designed to replace conventional cheque signers.

Previously, cheques were printed using a process that required preprinted cheque stock or plain cheque stock, which would then be pushed through a hardware component that would simply apply signatures.

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Effortlessly print checks with our software and a conventional laser printer.
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The imaging of digital signatures can be done on PRE-printed cheque stock.
It allows you to appose electronic signatures exactly where you want them on your cheques.
It’s secure. A password and a SmartCard are required in order to have access to the print queue. Without the insertion of a SmartCard, you will not be able to appose the signatures on the paper stock.

System Requirements

  1. PC Workstation
  2. Windows Operating System: 98 / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 10
  3. Laser or Inkjet Printer
  4. Supports PCL, but not Postscript
  5. SmartCard & Reader Security
  6. …and cheques to sign!

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