Partnering with tech leaders, we prioritize ESG goals and eco-friendly materials to drive industry change towards sustainability.

Circular Economy

We integrate circular economy principles to offer eco-friendly products, reducing our and our customers' environmental footprint.

Shared Responsibility

Environmental sustainability is a joint effort with our customers and communities. We optimize hardware management with efficient infrastructure, while customers minimize resource usage.



Low-carbon Products:

We source technology from leading companies committed to sustainable practices, using recycled materials and eco-conscious production.

Net-Zero Roadmap:

Our partners have a multi-stage plan to achieve net-zero emissions within a decade or two. This includes increased energy efficiency, renewable energy use, and emission reduction technologies.

Low-carbon Audits:

We conduct annual reviews of corporate sustainability reports to ensure our products align with top energy certifications like Blue Angel, EPEAT, and Energy Star. We integrate new partner offerings, tools, and business models responsibly to prioritize sustainable practices throughout our operations.

certifications and key impacts
  • Lexmark uses 40% reclaimed plastics, reducing waste for a sustainable future.
  • HSM document shredders are incredibly energy efficient, having received the 'Blue Angel' certification.

circular economy

Circular Economy

Eco-friendly and Recycled Material Usage:
  • We partner with suppliers prioritizing recycled materials (PCR, FSC-certified) for reduced environmental impact.
Extended Product Lifespan:
  • Recycle your end-of-life equipment with Binatek for responsible disposal.
  • Receive credit towards new equipment purchases, promoting upgrades and sustainability.
Refurbished Equipment Program ("Binatek Sustainable Select")
  • Binatek acquires and refurbishes gently-used equipment, extending product life and reducing waste.
  • Rigorous refurbishment processes ensure quality and responsible reintroduction to the market.
circular economy impacts
  • Lexmark uses 100% post-consumer recycled plastics (WEEE) in many products, reducing environmental impact and promoting a circular economy.
  • Lexmark is recognized among the top 1% of companies for sustainability practices two years running by EcoVadis (2022 & 2023).
  • Improve print efficiency and achieve a 30% cost savings with Binatek Managed Print Services.

cooperation, shared responsibility

Shared Responsibility

Partnering for Success:
  • Our dedicated team collaborates with customers to design optimal hardware solutions for their sustainability goals.
  • We provide comprehensive support, including metrics, data, and certifications, to help them track progress.
Leading Sustainability Innovation:
  • Binatek actively seeks partnerships that enhance our sustainable impact.
  • We participate in industry events and sponsor initiatives to stay ahead of sustainability trends.
mx826ade printer sustainable select product

Expertly Refurbished by Binatek a Lexmark Authorized Service Provider

Binatek Sustainable Select

Reduce costs, extend lifecycles, and minimize environmental impact with rigorously tested, OEM-compliant refurbished equipment from an authorized service provider.

Explore Our sustainable Select Products
lower costs

Enjoy significant savings compared to purchasing new equipment,freeing up valuable resources for strategic initiatives.

quality assurance

Our authorized technicians meticulously refurbish each item to OEM specifications,delivering like-new performance and reliability.

Extend your technology investments while maximizing return on assets,demonstrating your commitment to environmental responsibility.

Warranty and peace of mind

Our comprehensive service guarantee ensures you receive fully functional,warrantied equipment backed by expert support.

Explore Partner Sustainability Reports

In our commitment to transparency and collaboration, we've partnered with leading organizations dedicated to advancing sustainability. Download their latest reports to gain deeper insights into their sustainability efforts.

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