Document Management & Scanning Solutions

Your key to efficient and organized document handling.

From streamlined processes to enhanced productivity, our solutions are tailored to optimize your business operations.

Enhance productivity with Binatek's comprehensive document management solutions.

At Binatek, we understand the critical role efficient document management plays in the success of your business. Our Document Management Solutions offer a seamless blend of cutting-edge software and expert scanning services to cater to the unique needs of businesses in Quebec and Ontario.

Our Commitment:

Efficiency: Embrace streamlined workflows with our Document Management Software – Filedirector and Scanfile. These powerful tools are crafted to optimize your document handling processes, from acquisition to archival.

Locations Across Quebec and Ontario: Binatek proudly extends its services across the vibrant provinces of Quebec, Ontario and all of Canada. Whether you're nestled in the urban landscapes of Montreal or the business hubs of Toronto, our solutions are tailored to meet your document management needs.

Document Management

Efficiently organize, categorize, distribute documents, and elevate productivity while ensuring security, with our seamless document solutions.


A Document Management solution that facilitates storage, classification, research, as well as the distribution of documents.

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ScanFile is the fast, secure and, easy-to-use solution to your document management requirements.

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Archival Services

Organize, protect, and store your business documents effectively with our reliable archival services. Experience peace of mind knowing your information is in good hands.

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Scanning Services

Looking for professional scanning services? Our expert team ensures high-quality scans, meticulous organization, and secure handling of your documents. From invoices to legal contracts, we handle it all.

Document Scanning Services

Create a paperless environment with our secure and efficient document scanning services. Trust us to handle your important documents with the utmost care.

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Bulk Scanning Services

Optimize your document storage and retrieval systems with our reliable and accurate high volume scanning services tailored to meet your needs.

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Digitize Your Employee Files

Bring modernization to your HR department by digitizing all employee files. Access, update, and store documents effortlessly with our platform.

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Scanning Services for Notaries

Specialized scanning solutions tailored for notaries. Increase productivity and reliability in document processing with our professional services.

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Medical Records Scanning Service

Empower your practice with comprehensive medical records scanning services for enhanced security and efficiency.

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