Contract Terms and Conditions

Maintenance definition:

includes complete cleaning, lubrication, adjustment and updating.

Full coverage plan:

Replacement parts and labour (including workshop) for equipment are included under the coverage of this contract. Parts (1) and labour will be provided by Binatek, or an authorized partner of Binatek at no additional charge during the annual maintenance period, upon receipt of payment. This also includes the possibility of loaning equipment during the repair period depending on availability. The number of interventions are unlimited. Consumables are excluded (2).

Labour only coverage plan:

The service consists of the complete maintenance of the equipment. Only labour, all parts and consumables required for the repair of said equipment will be charged to the customer. The repair is carried out by a Binatek technician or an partner of Binatek. The number of interventions is unlimited.


(1) Parts included : Binatek will replace all defective parts with new or equivalent parts of the same quality.
(2) Definition of consumables : imaging unit, ribbon, ink, paper, glass, lens, reading head. The cost of replacement of the mentioned parts will be borne by the customer.

General Arrangements

  • The equipment must be in good working order at the time of the effective date of the contract. Binatek provides technicians specialized in maintenance.
  • Binatek will not be responsible for any labour, expense, or materials necessary to repair damage to the equipment caused by accidents, theft, fire, flood. In addition, any negligence, abuse by the customer, repairs made from unauthorized third parties, will not be covered.
  • Special repairs or modifications will be made at the customer’s request at an additional cost assessed therefor.
  • It is agreed that this contract will be subject to the approval of Binatek’s service department.
  • Under no circumstances will Binatek be liable for lost of profits, indirect damages, specials or consequential damages resulting from a breach of this contract. Binatek shall not be liable for damages caused by delay in providing maintenance services under this contract. This is not transferable without Binatek’s consent and will remain in effect until terminated by either party upon written notice to the other as provided in this Agreement.
Equipment reallocation or removal

Binatek must be notified of any changes of equipment status pertaining to reallocation or removal of devices. Any issues regarding equipment pertaining to the unauthorized removal or reallocation will not be covered by this contract. Applicable charges will apply.


This maintenance contract can be terminated at any time with the following conditions:

Each file will be analyzed by the service manager

Automatic renewal

This agreement will renew automatically for consecutive periods of one (1) year at the regular price in effect at the time of renewal. Acceptance of this agreement will be respected upon payment of the current invoice within the thirty (30) day period. The customer or Binatek needs to provide a written notice of termination at least thirty (30) days before the end of the service year.

Binatek reserves the right to cancel this contract at any time.