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Rubber Roller Cleaner Squeeze Bottle

$39.00 CAD

Technicians advise cleaning rollers with the 201 Rubber Roller Cleaner at least once a month. This cleaner is applicable to paper folders and printers to help prevent paper jamming. Additionally, it eliminates roller glaze and allows for improved performance and a longer lifespan.

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The 201 Rubber Roller Cleaner Squeeze Bottle cleans rollers for paper folders and bursters to help eliminate paper jamming.

  • Eliminates roller glaze
  • Cleans rollers for better performance and longer life
  • Expert technicians recommend cleaning rollers once a month
  • Helps prevent paper jamming and increases productivity
  • Easily removes adhesive residue from laminator rollers
  • Recommended products to use the 201 Rubber Roller Cleaner on: paper folders and printers
  • Similar products to help maintain optimal functioning of office machinery: 300 Static Eliminator Spray
  • 16 fluid ounces

  • Model Number: 201
  • Product Dimensions: 8" x 2.5" (20.3 x 6.3 cm)
  • Product Weight: 16.0 fl oz (473mL)