HSM ProfiPack P425 - Cardboard Shredder 110-120V

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Transforming cardboard sheets into padding or packaging material has never been easier than with the HSM ProfiPack P425. This powerful cardboard shredder is equipped with hardened cutting rollers that can seamlessly perforate through 2-3 layers of cardboard sheets.

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HSM ProfiPack P425: Efficient Cardboard Shredder for Packaging Material. Hardened rollers perforate multiple cardboard layers, preventing blockages. Flexible feed adjustments and built-in ruler.

When the emergency stop switch is actuated, the device stops immediately.

The device can be used on a mobile basis and has smooth-running, stable castors with a parking brake.

The high efficiency of the drive enables a particularly sustainable operation of the device.

The user can adjust the feed-in speed exactly as required.

The packaging material can be used wherever required and provides an optimum protection for objects.

The efficient drive concept ensures a powerful operation at constant load.

The infinitely variable adjustment of the working width with a scale allows the production of cushioning material exactly as required.

The induction-hardened solid steel cutting rollers are wear-resistant against cardboard staples and guarantee durability.

  • Throughput capacity:176.37
  • Intake width:16.73"
  • Loading height:0.8"
  • Noise level (idle operation):ca. 60 - 62 dB(A)
  • Width x Depth x Height:30.31" x 24.06" x 40.94"
  • Weight:352.74 lb