Privacy Policy - Law 25

Thank you for visiting the website of Binatek inc. and reading its Privacy Policy (hereafter referred to as the Policy).

While using our website and our systems and services, you recognize to having read and understood the Policy. Furthermore, you are hereby consenting to the fact that your personal information will be processed accordingly to the procedures outlined by our Policy.

The following Privacy Policy has several sections:

  1. Objectives.
  2. Entry into force.
  3. Consent.
  4. Data collection.
  5. Uses of collected data.
  6. Purposes of collecting personal information.
  7. Mechanisms of data collection.
  8. Access methods.
  9. Sharing information with third parties.
  10. Cookies and similar technologies.
  11. Storing personal information.


1. Objectives:

Respecting your privacy and your personal information is very important to our company.

Therefore, with the present Policy, we aim to protect your privacy in accordance with the Law.

To protect your privacy, Binatek inc. commits to not collect, process, or share any personal information unless you have consented to this. However, Binatek inc. may collect, process, or share any personal information if the Law permits or requires Binatek inc. to do so. In this case, your consent is not required. 

This Policy aims to inform users of the purposes and mechanisms of the collection of personal information by Binatek inc. or any persons acting on behalf of Binatek inc. The Policy aims to be as precise as possible with the goal of informing users so they can fully consent to the terms and conditions outlined in this present Policy.

For this Policy, the term « personal information » refers to any information concerning a person that identifies them or permits their identification. We will do our utmost best to anonymize, pseudonymize or aggregate the personal information of our clients so that they can no longer be identified.

 2. Entry into force:

This present Policy is effective as of 22nd September 2023.

 3. Consent:

We are committed to asking and receiving consent before collecting a person’s personal information. This consent may be explicit or implicit and can be given directly by the said person or their legal representative. We privilege receiving an explicit consent, whether verbal, electronic or written. However, implicit consent can be reasonably deducted by the action or inaction of a person. For example, giving a name and an address to receive a publication or a name and telephone number to obtain an answer to a question is considered an implicit consent to collecting personal information. To be able to determine what type of consent is appropriate, we consider the sensitive nature and finalities of the said personal information, using the point of view of a reasonable person placed in a similar situation.

If we wish to use someone’s personal information for another purpose, we will explain how we wish to use it and ask for their consent before doing so.

It is not always possible, notably when the authorities ask for the divulgation of personal information, to obtain a persons consent before sharing their personal information. We promise never to communicate personal information in a manner that does not conform to our Policy unless the Law obligates or permits us to do so.

4. Data collection:

The information collected is done so in a manner that respects the objectives and the finality of the present Policy.

Here are some raisons for which we collect your personal information:

  • To provide products and services: We collect et process data and the necessary information to honor our missions and contractual obligations.


  • To satisfy legal requirements: Personal information is collected to satisfy all legal requirements, regulations, and international treaties.

5. Uses of collected data:

Binatek inc. may collect personal information in various ways but will only do so through legal means and collect only as much personal information as outlined in the present Policy or as permitted or required by the Law.

Personal information collected and their sensitive nature can vary according to the context which in they are collected. Therefore, we will always inform you about the nature of the personal information we wish to collect and how we will use said personal information.

We protect all personal information collected. Among the personal information that we may collect, we accord particular attention to

Your name and contact details. First and Last Name, Email address, Mailing address, telephone number and other similar information that we use to communicate with you.

Signatures. Signatures required to create automatic checks.

6. Purposes of collecting personal information:

To provide products and services. We use data to offer products and services as well as to provide our clients with a well-developed and interactive costumer service.

To improve our products and/or services. We use data to improve our products, notably by adding new features to our products.

To develop products and/or services. We use data to develop new products. For example, we use personal information that we anonymise or pseudonymize to better understand the needs of our customers. 

To provide customer service support. We use date to identify et solve problems regarding our products and/or services, to restore access to personal accounts, and to provide other support services.

 7. Mechanisms of data collection:

Binatek inc. accords the utmost importance to the security of your personal information and commits to treating said information in accordance with the norms and standards of the industry. Furthermore, Binatek inc, will use your personal information uniquely to the ends for which it was collected, in accordance with the Policy. However, the absolute safeguarding of personal information is impossible given the inherent limits of transmitting personal information via Internet. As a result, personal information transmitted to us, is ultimately done so at the risk of the user.

 8. Access methods:

Binatek inc. commits to ensuring all personal information in its possession will be as exact and complete as possible.

You have the right to request access to your personal information to verify them and ask for a correction if they happen to be inexact. If you believe that your personal information is inexact or you would like to request access to your personal information, you can file a request using the contact information at the end of this Policy.

We will take all reasonable measures to give you timely access to your personal information. Please note, that for security purposes, we may have to verify your identity.

In addition, there may be circumstances where we cannot provide you with your personal information. Notably, when said access could result in the divulgation of the personal information of other people who refuse to consent to the divulgation of said information, or when judicial restrictions apply. If such a situation were to arise, we will inform you as to the reasons for which we cannot give you access to your personal information.

If your request relates to personal information stored on websites or platforms of third parties, please contact these third parties directly.

 9. Sharing information with third parties:

We do not share your personal information with businesses, organisations, and persons outside of Binatek inc., unless they are our suppliers or authorized partners, and they require access to your personal information to provide you with a product and/or service and they respect the limits of the Policy and in the following cases:

  • With your consent.


  • To store your personal information in their servers, which may result in your personal information being stored in foreign jurisdictions. Please note that we work only with reputable business that have Privacy policies.


  • To respect legal decisions: We will share your personal information if we are required to do so to respect the Law.


Binatek inc. commits to not selling or leasing your personal information to a third party.

10. Cookies and similar technologies:

Binatek inc. may use Cookies and similar technologies to collect personal information of the people who consult our websites and who receive our newsletters, our invitations, and other communications. Cookies are information files transmitted by the server of a browser when visiting a website et enables the identification of the connection. This data can include information such as your IP address, your browser, the version of your browser, the pages of the website consulted, the hour and date of consulting the website and other statistics.

Cookies are used to record your Search History and to remember what you add to your cart for online purchases to facilitate your online experience. Please note that depending on whether Cookies are activated and their configuration, other servers may be able to install cookies on your browser. You can control your browser settings to inform you whether Cookies are used by your browser as well as to accept or not accept them.

Please note, that our website may contain links to the websites of Third Parties. This present Policy does not apply on other websites, and Binatek inc. is not responsible for the collection and processing of personal information by these Third Parties.

 11. Storing personal information:

Binatek inc. stores personal information for different periods of time, depending on their nature and their usefulness in offering products and/or services. During the period where Binatek stores your information, Binatek inc. takes measures to ensure the physical and technical protection of data containing personal information.

The main places where personal information is stored are in the cities where Binatek inc. has offices and in the cities where the Cloud-based servers that contain the data collected by Binatek inc are situated.

Personal information may be stored outside of the country which in you live, if a Third Party who is a supplier or another entity to with whom we share personal information in accordance with our Policy is situated outside of the country. In this case, personal information may be subject to local laws of the countries or territories which in the personal information has been collected, used, or stored, and the local authorities may be able to access said information.

Once, the conservation period has expired, personal information is destroyed. Only statistics and reports concerning anonymized and depersonalized data may be conserved for longer periods of time.


Other information

Modifications to our Privacy Policy

We modify and update our present Privacy Policy from time to time. Any reduction in your rights regarding the Privacy Policy will not be applied without your explicit consent. We will indicate the date on which this Policy was last changed and if there are archived versions you will be able to consult them. If major changes are made to our Privacy Policy, we will publish a notice on our website (and for certain services inform you by sending a notice by e-mail).

Person responsible for the Privacy Policy

For any question, or to make any comments and/or complaints about this Policy, you can communicate with the person responsible for the implementation of this Privacy Policy:


Natale Sapone

Binatek inc.

7951 rue Vauban, Montréal

(Québec) H1J 2V1

Telephone: 514-942-4352