The application

The InterLaser Secure Laser Document Solution is an interface application that provides the ability to produce electronically cheques from a blank, colored or perforated cheque paper. It also provides the ability to produce different documents, such as invoices, orders, taxes, payrolls, etc… from plain white paper stock.

See a screen capture


  • Unlimited personalized forms.
  • Graphical environment that let’s you move objects such as logos (bitmap), boxes and rounded boxes, ellipses, text, rotated text, lines, etc…
  • Manage overflow
  • Multiple printers you can define to print documents(1 original and 4 copy’s)
  • Duplex printing
  • Report, if required, after the print of documents
  • Export the data to an Excel file or Xml file
  • Audit report (printing)
  • Capabilities of sending e-mail
  • Produce JPG, PDF or TIFF document image
  • Archive to keep your data for consulting
  • Automatic processing (Background printing)
  • Portrait or landscape printing on either letter or legal paper
  • Password management (security)
  • SmartCard technologies to be able to start printing (security)
  • Bilingual (English or French)
  • User friendly
  • Cheque features
    • You can manage the printing of signature(s) by amount
    • Secure watermark
    • Secure font to protect the amount
    • Positive pay
    • Manual cheque input
    • Unlimited bank configurations
    • Void document
  • and more…


Please take a look at these samples produced using InterLaser 6:


Full demo (version 9.00) – setupIL9.exe (About 26Mo)

Quick demonstration to follow for the demo

  1. Login in the application  [ Flash | Executable ]
  2. Printers configuration (global)  [ Flash | Executable ]
  3. Printing documents  [ Flash | Executable ]


If you have any questions, comments or problems after following these procedures, please contact us.

Do not follow these steps if you are only installing the demo. Please click here to install the demo only.


Note: You should have the administrator rights on the PC.

  1. Download and install the application (mandatory, this is the basic application).
  2. Download and install the smart card reader’s usb. If this is an upgrade from a version before version 6.00 and you still use the same pc the driver is already install.
  3. Download and install the Sentinel SuperPro security plug’s driver. If this is an upgrade from a version before version 6.00 and you still use the same pc the driver is already install.
  4. Make sure you have a printer installed. To have the best result please install the printer driver from the Vendor not from Microsoft. Don’t install or use a postscript driver.
  5. Copy the *.bup file(s) we provided you in the “binlaser9update” Important this is your customization.
  6. Go in the binlaser9  double-click on the bnkupdt.exe program and apply the update (mandatory).
  7. Start and login in the application [ Flash | Executable ]
  8. After login in the application you will be presented with a configuration wizard, go through it.
  9. Print the sample documents to test the application [ Flash | Executable ].
  10. Go to the training section and follow the application’s administrative training.
  11. Show your user the user training.

Note: You can find extra information in the main menu of the application. Select Help > User manual.

User training

  1. Login in the application Flash | Executable ]
  2. Printing documents Flash | Executable ]
  3. Reprinting documents Flash | Executable ]
  4. Printing reports FlashExecutable ]
  5. Deleting documents FlashExecutable ]
  6. Manual documents
    1. Printing manual documents [ FlashExecutable ]
    2. Voiding documents [ FlashExecutable ]
  7. E-mail module
    1. Sending documents [ FlashExecutable ]
    2. Add an e-mail address [ FlashExecutable ]
    3. Edit/Modify an e-mail address [ FlashExecutable ]
    4. Configure the software for SMTP e-mailing [ FlashExecutable ]
  8. Positive pay
    1. Positive pay [ FlashExecutable ]

Administrative training

  1. Printers configuration(global) [ Flash | Executable ]
  2. Printers configuration(by project) [ Flash | Executable ]
  3. Managing users
    1. Adding a user [ FlashExecutable ]
    2. Changing a user’s password [ FlashExecutable ]
    3. Removing a user [ FlashExecutable ]
  4. Designing layout Flash | Executable ]
  5. Switching between Test mode and Live mode Flash | Executable ]
  6. Managing Smart Cards
    1. Adding a smart card [ FlashExecutable ]
    2. Removing a smart card [ FlashExecutable ]

Note: You can find extra information in the main menu of the application . Select “Help” > “Troubleshooting”.

Problem 1: Index file does not match the table

Please send an email to

Problem 2: Printer error before printing

The printer for the project you are trying to print from are not properly set. Perform one of the two following actions:

Problem 3: MICR font doesn’t print correctly

Please send an email to

Frequently asked questions

1. Changing a project’s Input Folder [ Flash | Executable ]

2. Changing a project’s bank transit and account configuration [ Flash | Executable ]

3. Changing a project’s Manual document number [ Flash | Executable ]

4. Changing a project’s Signature limit control amounts [ Flash | Executable ]

5. Switching between Test mode and Live mode [ Flash | Executable ]

6. How to align the MICR line in the MICR ruler MICR position. [ PDF ]


Signature(s) Form

Information documents

Basic requirements

ASCII File definition example

Hardware minimum requirement

Sales documents

Product information

Complementary information

Prequotation Requirements Form

Requirements for the Solution

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