The application


The FontLoader Solution provides organizations with the ability to securely access M.I.C.R. font & signatures to print on their sensitive documents, such as cheques. It is meant for use by programmers to securely incorporate M.I.C.R. fonts and/or signatures into the Client’s existing application. It is a superior alternative to using plain, unsecured M.I.C.R. fonts & signatures.

The FontLoader Solution is a small application that uploads M.I.C.R. font and/or signatures to a PCL 5 and 5e printer, so that they are ready for use  by a print file sent to that printer from the Client’s existing application. The print file  would contain data and Printer Control Language commands. These commands, supplied in the FontLoader Solution documentation, allow programmers to access the uploaded M.I.C.R. font and/or signatures and print them on the documents.


  • Cannot upload the real signature and MICR font without the smart card inserted (security)
  • 8 signatures available
  • Bilingual (English or French)
  • User friendly



Full Demo – About 7 Mo

Sales documents



Signature(s) forms – About 260 Kb – Pdf DocumentAcrobat Reader