Binatek ensures the continuity of your most vital business information. Learn about our different services below.

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    We will work with you to develop systems and methods of classifying and storing which is best suited to your activities and your needs.

    Archives and Preservation Time

    We will target various law, standards & regulations to accurately identify your obligations to your documents in a clear and precise framework.

    Room Layout and Archives of Documents

    Rest assured of having the space necessary for filing and storage of all your documents. Whether you are moving or renovating, we can help you plan the layout of your documents and archives rooms.

    Protection of Essential Documents

    Be sure to clearly identify the documents that will protect your interests and reboot your business in the aftermath of a disaster.

    Technical Support

    Advice on the management of emails and digital information on CD, DVD and hard drives as well as the development of an IT program.

    Compliance with Law and Regulations

    Development of policies, guidelines and procedures for document management that meets the laws and regulations specific to your industry.


    Establish a management system for the destruction of confidential documents. Plan, organize and manage your documents and move your archives. We’re here to assist you every step of the way.

    Training & Coaching

    We offer training sessions on the management of your documents and we support your resources to carry out all stages of your projects.