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A leader in all aspects of cheque processing software.

Jaguar Software provides solutions for any business that handles cheques.


A leading software engineering company in the banking industry for over 20 years.

Jaguar Software has been a leading software engineering company in the banking industry for over 20 years and has grown to be a leader in all aspects of cheque processing software. Jaguar initially focused on delivering fully functional item processing solutions that allowed even the smallest of financial institutions to re-engineer their back office at an affordable cost.

Jaguar Software provides solutions for any business that handles cheques. Whether you are a small community bank or credit union or a multi-state property management company processing tens of thousands of payments per day there is a Jaguar solution that can be configured and implemented to meet your needs today and tomorrow.



Digital Cheque Processing

This versatile software solution from Jaguar is modular-based providing not only Branch Capture solutions for any size financial institution but all the ancillary software required to manage cheque processing. Including interfaces to your core system, correspondent bank, or the Federal Reserve.

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Remote Deposit

All financial institutions need to offer remote deposit to their customers and Jaguar has remote deposit options for any size financial institution that will meet or exceed your customers’ expectations. Whether the customer only has a few cheques a week or thousands per day Jaguar has a solution to address your customers’ needs. And, for those customers who need more than just remote deposit—check out Jaguar’s full line of REMITTANCE products.

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ATM Deposit Automation

No more balancing envelope deposits and the hassle of explaining to a customer why his account wasn’t credited for the cheque deposit made in an envelope ATM that didn’t get processed until a day later. Jaguar’s ATM Deposit Automation software provides everything needed for complete end-to-end deposit automation. ATM Deposit Automation works with both image deposit ATMs and Intelligent Teller Machines. NO MORE ENVELOPE DEPOSITS – WORKS WITH ALL BRANDS OF ATMs.

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Jaguar’s webATM was developed to provide banks and credit unions a quick, inexpensive, easy way to deploy image enabled ATMs and other deposit automation devices. WORKS WITH ALL BRANDS OF ATMs.

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Payment Processing

Digital Payment Processing will automate the data entry of account receivables through the use of a desktop cheque scanner and software that captures information from payment coupons, statements, full-page documents, cheque stubs and cheques, plus electronic bill pay processing.

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Web Remit

webRemit was designed from the ground up to be efficient, easy to use, flexible, and cost effective for businesses, non-profits, and government agencies.

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Desktop Remit

Desktop Remit is a full featured remittance processing system design to be used at the desktop with a standard desktop cheque scanner and a basic PC.

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Electronic Payments Manager eliminates the paper cheques by concentrating all payments electronically from the various banks and processors.

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Intelligent Fields

Intelligent Fields from Jaguar Software will finish the job by automatically completing the fields you need for posting your payments.

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Recommended Specs for Jaguar Software

MirrorImage Client Workstations / Stand Alone Processing Stations

  • OS: Windows 7 Pro or newer
  • Hard Drive: 40 GB (1GB Free)
  • Processor: Minimum Specs 2.8Ghz Pentium
  • Memory: 1GB
  • Other: USB2 (high speed)
  • Recommended Specs Core i3 or higher 4 GB+ 80 GB Windows 10 Pro Removable Backup
  • *XP Home and Media Center Editions and Vista Home and Home Premium Editions are not supported.
  • MirrorImage Server Specifications

Virtual Server

Virtual Server environments are supported as well. The following specifications are recommended for virtual server environments:

  • CPU: 2 Cores
  • Memory: 6 GB or higher
  • Hard Drive: Our application and item storage could be up to 20 GB in addition to the OS.

Server Installations

Specifications for Server Installations are typically tailored to the needs or your network environment but some good specs for planning would be:

  • OS: Windows Server 2012R2 or newer
  • CPU: Quad core CPU recommended
  • Memory: 8 GB ram
  • SQL Server 2012R2 or newer
  • Recommend at least RAID 1 protection for database drives

Database disk space can be calculated by the following equation:(15 KB per item) X (number of items per day) X (number of days live) = total db space.

Number of days live is the total number of days that you want to retrieve images from the live database instead of pulling from an archive.

Disk space should also consider the size of your backup device.

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