The application

LaserPress is an application that let’s you print forms like Cheques, either Personal or Commercial Cheques, Invoices, Certificates, Tickets, etc… with or without MICR encoding.

Ideally and conceived for the people in the printing business who would like to print forms, in small batches, on printers instead of sending them to press.

See a print screen


  • Unlimited bank configurations
  • Unlimited personalized forms or clients
  • Graphical environment that let’s you insert objects such as logos (bitmap), boxes and rounded boxes, ellipses, text, rotated text, lines, etc…
  • Keep clients information for future jobs
  • Consecutive or sequential numbering on the forms
  • Modulus 9 (MICR encoding)
  • Portrait or landscape printing on either letter or legal paper
  • Decreasing order printing
  • Batch printing on either one or many printers
  • Password management (security)
  • Cannot print the real forms without the smart card inserted (security)
  • Bilingual user interface (English or French)
  • User friendly
  • and more….


Please take a look at these samples produced using LaserPress:


Full demo (version 1.04) – About 15.4 Mo
Update ( (version 1.04) – About 2 Mo


Troubleshooting – About 2.5 Mo – Pdf
User guide – About 2.5 Mo – Pdf

If you have any questions, comments or problems after following these procedures, please contact us

Do not follow these steps if you are only installing the demo.

1. Download and install the application.

2. Download the application’s latest version and install it following the instructions.doc file.

3. Install your printer’s driver.

4. Download and install the smart card reader’s driver, either the serial, usb or serial/usb.

5. Download and install the Sentinel SuperPro security plug’s driver.