FontLoader is a Secure Font Solution that provides organizations with the ability to securely access signatures to print on their sensitive documents such as cheques.

Secure Font Solution

FontLoader is a small application that uploads signatures to a PCL printer so that they are ready for use when printing documents from your accounting software or else sent to the selected printer.

We can accurately position the signature on any document in any location. Paired with the security module and application. Clients can modify the location with ease allowing multiple printing locations based on the users’ requirements.

The Signature are stored securely in an encrypted format on a PC that is unlocked using our security module. 

How to use the FontLoader Solution

how to fontloader

Our unique FontLoader software gives users the ability to securely control their signatures using a USB security Dongle and a security module. 

Benefits for the Client

– No more mechanical cheque signing

– You control where you print the signatures

– Works with both preprinted and blank cheque stock

– Security for your documents: cannot upload the real signature 

– Up to 10 signatures 

– User friendly

– Bilingual (English and French)

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