Binatek provides integrated solutions to enterprises at all levels.

We combine decades of experience with winning strategies that help hundreds of businesses, organizations and government entities with their physical and electronic document management.

Let us help you digitize and properly organize your data.

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Electronic Document Management

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Comprehensive Document Management Solutions


We tackle everything from document filing, archiving and preservation to archive relocation, essential document protection, IT support, compliance with law and regulations and training.

  • Increase research efficiency, while reducing costs;

  • Preservation of essential documents as well as historic value;

  • Favour internal control and inspections;

  • Reducing the volume of active, current and archived documents;

  • Compliance with laws and requirements;

  • Reduced risk of prosecution

What every company ought to know about effective and efficient document management


As your business evolves, the necessity to have a solid and compliant document management system grows.

Without an effective way to manage your important paperwork and data, your operating costs and compliance risk grow as your productivity decreases.

Capture, store, manage and track documents and images throughout a document’s lifecycle


Our experienced team can help you choose the most suitable products to manage documents.


How efficient is your document handling? Document handling is a vital operation in any organization, yet it is highly ignored. This leads to tremendous costs to an organization. 70% of an organization’s time is spent processing paper document. Without the right tools, your organization keeps losing money.

Our top-of-the-line products will facilitate almost every aspect of your business. We sell advanced printers and scanners, media & document destruction products like Binatek Shredders, High Security Shredders and special warehouse management solutions.

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Now your business can enjoy meticulous document organization so you can focus on business growth.

We would like to thank Binatek team for the excellent service that we received and keep receiving since the installation of the file director software. This filing software, as hoped, has helped us reduce the time allocated to the filing and searching of our documents within the company. It is now quick and simple to have access to all of our documents, whether it is for simple consultation, re-impression, or to transfer a document by email to our clients and suppliers. We do not hesitate to recommend your services to our partners.

Wondering if you’ll benefit from our document management services? Review our checklist below:

  1. Is your staff spending too much time searching for vital or missing critical information?

  2. Do you create numerous photocopies and waste precious time & money?

  3. Do you occasionally lose important documents or find them shuffled where they do not belong?

  4. Are you scared of losing important documents or that your documents are being incorrectly preserved?

Get rid of inefficient document filing & retrieval methods once and for all

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