Where it all began


25e LOGO (2)It started small…

Binatek, Inc. was established in 1988 as an independent subcontractor in the field of cheque encoding. Its first client  was the Caisses Desjardins credit union group. In  the early years, Desjardins’ numerous credit unions signed service contracts for several types of office  equipment with Binatek.

The  early success of Binatek comes not only from its  total commitment towards its clients but also from  the excellence of its M.I.C.R. toner (Magnetic Ink  Character Recognition). Binatek’s M.I.C.R. Toner is still in demand today and  is an ongoing part of our business.

…and keeps growing!

Over the years, Binatek’s Hardware Division has built a solid reputation in sales & service of financial office  equipment. Responding to client demand, Binatek created its Software  Division and developed the Personalized Cheque Solution, used across the Desjardins network. The Personalized Cheque Solution allows financial institutions to offer wait-you-wait production of personal & commercial chequebooks at the branch.

From this success, Binatek then created its current laser cheque application for use by companies across all industries. The InterLaser Secure Laser Cheque Solution was born. Hundreds  of licenses have been purchased by companies in both Canada & the United States.

At Binatek, we’re proud of what we have built and we did it one customer at a time.