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Electronic document management, MICR toner and software by Binatek

Binatek was founded in 1989 as a family based company in the field of innovative cheque encoding.

Our mission is to deliver the best possible software and hardware solutions to help our clients improve their efficiency and business profitability.

With the vision of producing innovative products that allow an organization to respond to both market and customer needs in an efficient, durable, flexible and economical way. Built on this vision, Binatek has developed expertise with different products in order to address today’s business requirements.

As a result of these developments, Binatek now provides physical document management, as well as electronic document management and a highly secure cheque printing software solution.

In addition to these products, Binatek offers a full line of money handling machines, as well as a full line of printing, finishing and scanning devices. Binatek also offers a full line of shredders in order to securely dispose confidential information that resides on an array of different media.

Through the constant improvement of its service and product offerings, Binatek is recognized as a major supplier in North America, and has also established unique distributor agreements for specific products imported from other continents.

Cheque printing and writing software

Binatek allows you with its software to control the print process of the existing application. This cheque printing and writing software will provide you with more flexibility and control over the cheques’ applications and any other types of laser documents. With our cheque printing machine and writing software, you will benefit from a higher level of security that manages the printing rights, multiple or manual automatic signatures, by the means of a smart card . High quality and secure check paper from Binatek combined with our excellent MICR toner and software prevents any printing issues you may have experienced with competing products.

MICR toner and software

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition is more commonly known through its acronym MICR. MICR is a high-tech ink and character recognition standard created and used by banks worldwide. This is why check printing and writing software is sometimes called MICR software. The bank account numbers on checks are printed with MICR toner and software in a specific font familiar to many. Checks printed with MICR toner and software can be processed by machines instead of humans which is less error prone than those processed by hand, or even by regular toner. Binatek offers high quality MICR toner cartridges, MICR toner and software.

Electronic Document management software

The Electronic Document management software is a solution that will facilitate your life in the years to come. No need to change the methodology or the IT applications in your business. With Scanfile and FileDirector, Binatek also supplies you with electronic document management and the security required to make available all documents that are necessary and ensure the smooth running of your organization. Whether you are a multinational or a regional company, you handle the same paper and archives and that is why a good electronic document management plan is important. Binatek will bring you a professional solution, adapted to your needs via recent and standard technologies (such as XML for example).